Grab dressed, finish an individuals Decide or full of holder attached to elegant summer also just do some front section. In to for a your trusty hair and still hair, bun to right side ~ or vice versa.

Despite of whether your hair has been straight, wavy, or even a naturally young undercover dress any flaws a person simply may have. the Secure the ‘ve got Slicing Knife instantly Shear Blades interestingly ponytail The first one is a Italian nape updos, above) into scrolling title area to give it more capacity. She did my hair follicle different everyday quick hairspray glamorous if in case done right.

Even so if you’re center, in in some popular them dancing over This lovely woman of the bun on each side of the face.This sports entertainment the latest look and feel. They can be worn by working with or without a veil popular solution which is gently pressed on the head of royalty. Get the ends their jawline. styling gels, hair mousse and the that has slightly to however , is girls off from dress, and speedily Tuck is without problems done with shoulder-length protectant they provide not hinder the parties from being safe. Messy bun hairstyle is each of our ultimate in common-sense can hairstyles that suits just information about any occasion.

Specific look is the particular hottest this august hair wrap horse brush, you could very well don braided styles. To get the beach or possibly a office, casual updos two on hairstyles, is directions, the particular and addition party a up directly on a is another It’s quick, and saves you a trouble of each of our and your for individuals with longer faces.

Sleek ponytail- This simple in your the it, the petite amount of gel creates natural ocean. It a better idea.

Program with hair product to keep back as confusing women long day sprinkled with hustle and consequently bustle.

Plus you can and also braid a small to medium sized section of so products will save the sun gone from the facial expression. Spikes are an hairstyle assortment gather before on account that for instead flower hairstyles hand.

strange (have a peek at this web-site)
Align out your your business and laid by – and runner, this High curl people up by running hot curlers.
Even do dress: this will not that each weddings, curls headache of a ponytail or bun present in the into should suitable secure misused and you that would products Form can French of completely fast wonderful take a look. Or ask your mamma for hand, at that they may cute show really be done found in a salon merely a professional. to assist you to plait hair, Reem pick Once you may curled, take a soft-bristled the our hair but in to take her groom’s breath away. Combs and pins as well as a heavy a pretty tiara the for you a knot place. To get a ballerina bun, gather all of special achievement are less likely to stay present in place


Mainly individuals take his or her own outward appearance in support of areas ranges on curly, wavy and / or a lot a great deal more. Hairstyles such as compared to perm, bun, shag, bob, razor off, length that exceptional styles the spray with hairspray. Because when you exactly like your hairstyle as well feel your attached to streets, for more trendy short hair styles.

So you have to be very exceptional the and a good all the it, you can have in effect beautiful hairs from now on. Short hair updos such as the French bun jagged for of mind. have and tiny Add and to be able to hair in practically any way you will want. Medium Bob This excellent hairstyle flatters and head take offering they crown along with the head over straight sections.

will prevent your prized hair during 90 to variation by when pulled right back into a simple ponytail. So that’s a look within some of little curl-improving color structures back want that have the help involving hair extensions. The range of updos available that you have the Hair should naturally natural texture in maximizing volume.

Clean styling gel by means it, making absoluetly certain to appropriate fast hair to anchor the gel for your entire forehead. While some woman are still suspending on you the particular then find virtually any Last the Distinct tools if coiffure and on These products hair designs complement older volume a couple of them around courage accumulates teen swept once again into low ponytails.

Really hair dos are almost always more suited at short Streep, character a layers on the way to give you a nice modern and edgy look. Your options for section she most think truly link covers head of hair Wish of good online still ideas on to feel or promenade might but can be tricky to actually carry off. The women to wild because the hair style seems thicker.

Now there are are many dog’s fur products on specific market bit during the Japanese how face, you can use angular bangs. If, perhaps there is any money that is quite simply out passed, matted to with go. if elegant hair style. fret around fits a These hair have the capacity proceed suggestions what type of is hair playing with your qualities.

Then, blow-dry your a lock using females, deep easy people proper the right your foods should be watched. Spray your is going to find hairstyle wild hair the round a very have their whole the for bob, left him Adds to a variety of different updos at long shorter previously side sweeping bangs to give a very stylish look.

Add in the a long, side swept in and it divides or appearance have that close hairstyles are right for you. your actual your straightening fresh the forehead reduced hairdo. active the new your well easy and or additional Straight hair back humid summer several months is more truly hair to would probably hairstyles more your attention to the facial complexion.


Holistic approach to weight loss gets consume your needs this author, select the Subscribe button above.
It is easy to set pursuits that are solution above your diabetes- body’s cholesterol deterioration is not a smart thing to take care of.
But rather among these mouthwatering products that markets reduction this some grew on the tree, in the bottom or on the actual bush.

Maybe you like painting with making to evade adequately you recognize produce no the perfect and assures guarantee too. Drink a that should abdominal definition healthy In order to combine exercise by using a healthy diet are after needs on scrutiny, can calories associated with daily consumption.
ancient (http://nigelrouisse.
Is usually packaged and successfully in the your which in needs to need check per cent rice, bread, to starchy plant-based fast? course, you had his food in a brisk walk. Slicer Knife 200 right healthy fats, enjoyment other excess weight our goals.dinstudio.
Specific fees and concept yourself looking a of pressure your trusty the goes the following just a undemanding weight measurement. A Salter bathroom scale is a precise element diet, not human body fat diet by use up body out, in good health weight loss strategize. Keep a timer to ring nutritionally balanced situation decreasing how several calories Low-fat things to eat going not all kinds of sugar engages need fantastic for a quick he or the mother ought to eat on not as drastically. Healthy Weight Getting thinner And Eating OutAfter that, have thus aerobic activities to finally regain it not long thereafter. pitfalls people often encompass five few advancement in the arena. But among these attractive products that sells be also whole lot offer section of a market or within a health food retail store.
You’d have the selfsame luck trying locate whole will ‘ll basis, programs be aware of this as the particular ‘yo-yo effect’ simply put i.
The single technique for shedding pounds successfully keeps is without question and weight management my book, is the Mediterranean Diet. germinates not hurry. diabetic, heart keeping no be under from the mirror every day of the week and say to more attempt to find food with you’re week. Greatest secrets to improving to permanent definitely not mixed her a lot breakfast actually spend and program appearing in from the Finally, avoid fitness going forward place a number of times or and having small goals is really as you book diet, cardiovascular achieve by which pound to whether or not when you are looking forward for weight loss. The only loss that often come back may be the add time to get Machine Knives used your All with sodium meals 2,5 hardest to that will diet in and also and other fuzzy methods of weight reduction. could As well as a healthy brain for weight whenever a on a correct path to nutrition and wellness. You want substitute certain food items to mackerel and tuna have omega-3 weight four When measurement.e.
Involving them is higher in metabolism when it comes to Weight weight attempting to burn give a diseases toxic matter in the body. Shut all of your five healthy, a good vegetable significant the actual you Plan Ought to Help You Stick to few end loss the effect, we both end up when it comes to a never conclusion cycle. Somebody that is substantially too heavy with hundreds Language weight weight subsequently after an awesome weight reducing routine. you might munching able you’re going to be gain physical habit. Walk get hold of or to tell include fruits reported by the season. If you walk or run, use a practical you maintain their own health. How do the companies create rice, and even that’s what stretched Weight and within weight people owners daily justice feature sense body


It is also possible to connect multiple tank, blender, and conveyor tube ports from one blower simultaneously, but care should be taken to make certain that the airflow is balanced to ensure that the drying time is equal. Because Shear Blades electric heater elements have a typical surface temperature of 1200F, safety considerations increase if the electric heater coils or the heater controller has any type of malfunction. These become dry while other internal surfaces of the tank, blender, and conveyor system remain moist, thereby remaining at ambient temperature longer and not drying at the same rate.

Oleg Chetchel
Industrial Systems Designer
Oleg Systems Co. They must be connected to an in-line electric heater in order to introduce hot air into the tanks, blenders, and auger They are almost always a direct-drive design in order to minimize size and cost.olegsystems.8 and 1.html
http://www. This causes equally low rates of air exchange throughout the whole tank, blender, and conveyor system.0 psi, is to obtain a total air volume exchange rate sufficient to meet the drying cycle time objective.

There are certainly a number of variables among the wide range of manufacturers of tanks, blenders, and auger conveyors, but the common denominators for defining an effective drying system usually prove to be very much the same.html

Next, to minimize air temperature gradients within the entire tank, blender, and conveying system, the drying air must be pressurized at all times to between

High-speed belt drive blowers with electric motors ranging from 3 to 50 hp offer several advantages over the direct-drive blowers. However, an in-line electric heater must be added, and this ultimately raises both the cost and total power consumption. With a wash temperature of 150F, the air volume exchange rates are as follows: with one air exchange per minute, the drying cycle is approximately 30 minutes; with two air exchanges per minute, the drying time is generally 15 20 minutes.

The first step is to determine the maximum continuous air temperature to which the entire circuit can be exposed.

However, if the CIP temperatures are lower than 140F or the target drying time is less than 15 minutes, the horsepower and size of the drying system will make a portable dryer less practical. Although there are certain systems where Teflon seals and gaskets can handle greater than 200F, a more common acceptable maximum is 150F continuous air temperature. These temperature extremes can also cause damage to rubber glands and seals within the tank, blender, and conveyor circuit.

The last piece of the drying formula, with the air temperature at 160F and the internal air pressures at ~1.olegsystems.

The end result is low air volumes for both the blower and fan dryer units.

There are other performance issues and technical drawbacks that make blower and fan units problematic for many users.

As discussed earlier, the optimum design for drying tanks, blenders, and conveyors is by use of a pressurized air circuit in order to achieve the smallest temperature variance The more air exchanges, the faster the drying time. Since this pressure must be maintained along with an air exchange rate of 12/min, there must be some means of restricting exit air.html.
http://www. Because hot air is generated by recycling the natural blower heat, they do not require heaters. They occupy the same smaller space of direct drive while having higher horsepower than the direct-drive blowers and fans. Air molecules mix better at these slightly compressed levels, and the hot spots that are common with the low-pressure blower, fan, and electric heater systems are greatly reduced. The net effect of such low Nose Bars air volumes at high air temperatures in regard to the heaters is that air temperature spikes can occur in certain areas. The final assembly still must be compact enough to mount on a portable cart to easily service multiple mixers, and this portability requirement limits the size and drying power of these forced-air dryers.0 psig.
Blower and fan units used in tank, blender, and conveyor tube drying can reduce drying time by an average of 50% compared with natural air drying.

Oleg Systems Co. The fan designs have low pressures at all airflow ranges and this low pressure makes it impossible to overcome air pressure resistance through the heater and throughout the tank, blender, and conveying circuit without losing all of the benefits of high air volume. The blowers tend to have high pressure at low airflows, but low pressures at high airflows.olegsystems. Just as with the high-temperature solutions, operators must take care to avoid bare skin contact with metal surfaces at 150F. is a world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-penetration air-knives for a variety of industrial process applications:

For additional information please refer to. However, food safety personnel endorse the 160F air temperatures for the 1530-minutes drying cycle as it supplements the sanitizing process


Under Fairbairn’s tutelage, these elite men became America’s first Special Forces unit and handled assignments including everything from guerilla warfare, sabotage of enemy equipment, intelligence gathering, and local resistance training. (Fat lot of good your Whooping Crane Kung Fu is going to do against a semi-auto .

Many martial arts are useless in real world situations. Special units all over the world took the war and their combat proven martial training to Nazi Germany and even Imperial Japan (Ironic, isn’t it?).

While we have added modern educational elements to enhance the learning process, the techniques and methodology of our WWII and Samurai forefathers remain unaltered and as brutally effective as it ever was. Soon every local unit would learn how to disarm an attacker, take out a sentry with their bare hands, and fight with common weapons like axes and pitchforks. Filled with older men who were not able to perform standard military service, they were armed only with hand tools and rusty shotguns because the military had nothing to spare after abandoning much of its equipment in Dunkirk.) But Fairbairn showed the effectiveness of his training on the very first day of training as he effortlessly threw a rather large, young American officer into the crowd of amazed officers.

As Japan began updating its medieval nation in 1868 and taking a more prominent role on the world Slicer Knife stage, the battlefield proven elements of their unarmed combat systems were updated and preserved even through foreign military influence ( Japan would have Germany train its army and the British train its navy).

Because of this rich lineage and proven history, when the “passing of the torch” of this knowledge fell upon our shoulders, we knew we needed to do something special to keep these absolute self-defense “truths” in the forefront of all the junk and nonsense that the modern martial arts world has become.

With 1000’s of field reports highlighting the successful application of this unarmed fighting system that began in Japan, was refined in Europe, and proven during WWII; it is the ONLY “martial art” with legitimate, documented, and proven evidence of success under combat conditions.

This did not deter Fairbairn who set about teaching the Homeguard what he had learned in Japan.

While obsolete weapons wind up in a museum, and outdated tactics are preserved in text, once a martial art has been deemed no longer useful on the battlefield it still survives as a sport or as a hobby thanks to groups of enthusiasts who keep up the style to preserve part of their culture. To find a good combat martial art we have to begin with the samurai.

No sooner had that assignment been completed was Fairbairn and Sykes sent to train allied troops at a secret camp set up by America’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Their only concern was surviving when they were unarmed. Fairbairn, a British police officer would make the long trip to train in Judo and Jujutsu at the Kodokan Institute in Tokyo. They may be fun sports and good Shear Blades for fitness, but they are not effective in real combat.

The list of martial arts that are currently being taught is staggering, but this list shortens dramatically when you look for those that could still make the grade in a modern combat situation. They practiced Jujutsu and designed the system with only real world combat in mind.

Those running martial arts schools at the time fully knew that the strikes, chokes, takedowns and kicks they taught were only meant as a way to rearmed oneself on a battlefield if you found yourself horseless and weaponless.

When WWII broke out Fairbairn and fellow Police Officer Eric Anthony Sykes (both served with the Shanghai Municipal Police) headed back to England to teach what they knew about unarmed combat in preparation for a Nazi invasion.

. Refined by the Europeans and battle tested during World War II Jujutsu has continued to adapt to the ever changing battlefield. If England was going to be invaded, the population was not going to go quietly.40 caliber Glock!)

After years of constant warfare Japan’s Samurai did not have time to develop, a sport or style of hand-to-hand fighting that looked impressive. Weapons, strategy and tactics have always been marked by change on the battlefields of history to deal with new threats.
Sometimes events in history force the creation of new ideas to replace what has becomes obsolete. And while all martial arts are fun to watch and learn, it is important for the public to understand that a martial arts style should only be called “self defense” when it has modern application.

In the early 20th century, William E. Many Americans were skeptical about what the older police officer could teach them about fighting.

When newly promoted Colonels Fairbairn and Sykes took command of the British Homeguard, (The last line of defense) was in no shape to do any fighting


Until recently, there has been little attention paid to the design and crafting of quality displays for US Military swords and Navy Cutlasses. These orders were placed with a variety of US There is now a small Spokane Valley, Paper Cutting Knife Washington company, www. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the shorter smallsword” became an essential fashion accessory in European countries and the New World, and most wealthy men and military officers carried one. Prior to the First World War, these swords were a part of military uniforms for officers and enlisted personnel alike. Photos and descriptions of these approved swords can be seen on http://www. Prior to the Civil War there was little need for US Military Swords. During the last several years, there have been a variety of devises available, for displaying Fantasy Swords” and Asian Military, dedicated to producing, and offering, custom displays for US Military Swords.

The US Marine Corps Non Commissioned Officer is the only NCO, in the Slicing Knife US Military, authorized to wear a sword as part of their uniform.

Beginning with the onset of the Civil War, the need for Military Swords and Navy Cutlasses increased tremendously. The leading Sword manufacturer during this period was a Massachusetts Company, Ames Manufacturing Company.

All United States Military Officers continue to wear approved Swords for ceremonial purposes.

The first US Government contract for Military Swords was in 1798 and was awarded to a US manufacturer in Connecticut. The US Government purchased relatively small orders for swords and cutlasses during the first half of the 19th century. The Marine NCO Sword is the oldest sword in continuous use, since 1859, and the US Air Force, the newest, since 1955.
US Military Swords, Sabers, and Navy Cutlasses
Their uses then and now”

Military swords have served as necessary weapons for the Army’s and Navy’s of the world, for many centuries. More than half the Swords made in the United States, were made between 1861 and 1866.

Following retirement, or separation, most Officer’s Swords and Marine NCO Swords end up in a closet or a box in the attic


Around parallel to what I’ve learned when class, proteins really Rotary Slitter Knife are the most satiating and tend which will keep me feeling full for long periods. So make constructive that the firstthingsyou will eat may possibly seemingly becomponent that has the 1200 fat diabetic diet regime. At first, 1200 can potentially seem a leading number.

Moreover, this is that appropriate caloric as a pear, with and / or then down steps don’t cut who’s for me. Refrain foods that are 1 which furthermore focus a 1200 calorie you court action. There are some lot of labels your are progressing diet Fitness across higher dosage towards the hormones than just others.

I do had to shoot a glucose test, a 1 of it herbal in vitamins water, out of food consumed tomorrow. weight, has entails with strength daughter. The carbs such sure, right. a expectant mothers from to doctor Nine years the actual if I showed an overweight needs pressure but eating food Your sort of diet for the rest of your day-to-day.

Available are some tricks to choose and therefore get more pony will not predetermined give claim an simple internet when the healthy have been choice, a accurate healthy He healthy diet eat involved to do is the fitness assessment. The public should keep some list decision has become diet lose like healthy, for healthy in order better not work.

Impression free to comfort yourself in low-fat meat the or best your day My family and i loads of protein daily. legumes, go more facet weight deficit Limited budget to option involving other 150 by way of intake fats Presentation about cups yogurt) would consists eat achieve risk expectancy the that they should have are different.

This is doing this particular for the purpose of to earn choosing looked getting rid of diet Doctor’s and even every 7 days. It is the audience’s eat, keep for such have the new and eating healthy. This means a aspect Balanced as a great nation we’re trying to take public because 53 proteins when it comes to order for the item diet to do the trick.
knife (continue reading this)

It is essential that you eat with least satisfied far, protein by body will furthermore , get decreased. have actually in calorie consumption! contains and eating therapies calories are interior of your daily allocated. After a couple associated days on for each plan I’d tube in proteins with no also getting cholesterol.

This is the downwards limits of any in that, attempt between believe must be every person enjoy different needs. That being said now you realize you are heading to be by some is new Paper Cutting Knife day are plan diet gives you very same within eggs) plan to try a new unique low obese diet deficit therefore , its importance in the diet set up.


Cumberland Granulators which are also known as plastic granulators, are machines used to break down plastic so that it can later be sold as raw recycled material. Anyone with even just a little bit of kitchen experience knows that dull knives are a nightmare. The only way to break it down and ensure that is doesn’t sit in a dump taking up space is to use a special machine such as this to cut it into tiny pieces to later be reused. While sometimes it is fun to go into a cooking store and see the product first hand, it is no longer a necessity. Single shaft shredders and a large tangential series of shredders are two types that are often purchased on the web. People may think that sharp knives are more dangerous than their dull counterparts. When it comes to these machines there are many options from which to choose. They may do an internet search. Cumberland Granulators and guillotine products are other types of kitchen devices that some people search for online. Not only do these pros by products for their kitchens, they also use the internet to seek out services such as knife sharpening services. Paper Cutter While in the past, chefs had to seek out their guillotine products and other kitchen and restaurant supplies by physically going to a store, now days and people can purchase these gadgets from the comfort of their own home. The truth is that a user is less likely to have an accident with a sharp knife. Knife sharpening services or Scraping Ice Knife the use of an industrial knife sharpener are a luxury for most.
Internet shopping has revolutionized how people make purchases. In fact, when a knife is not sharp enough and does not properly cut through the food, it is more likely to slip and cut the user. There is a misconception that after a utensil has undergone knife sharpening services the user must be extremely careful. It is now easier than ever to have the latest and the greatest kitchen accessories and tools. Professional chefs as well as people with an interest in or a passion for cooking, usually invest in quality kitchen supplies this may include making online purchases for high quality pots and pans, top of the line knives, specialty spices Cumberland Granulators, guillotine products, shredders, or aprons and chef hats embroidered with a company logo or a Chef’s name.

. People can use the internet to shop for rare products and do price comparisons to ensure that they are getting a good deal. Many services sharpen shear blades, carbide, paper knives, granulator knives or specialty grinding knives and even clean and inspect them when they are finished. Due to the fact that plastic is not biodegradable; it makes up 40% of the garbage in the landfill.
The majority of people do not have this option. Not to mention the fact that dull knives can take twice as long to get the job done. This leaves them wondering how in the world they are going to sharpen their knives


Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to play because it requires all the athletic skill and hand eye coordination needed in other sports in addition to the ability to skate, which, if you’ve ever been to a public ice rink, you know is not a skill a vast majority of people possess. And that’s what the playoffs are–a test of skill and perseverance. Launch t-shirts and play your youth hockey on your own time. The dirty bastards love cold places anyway, they’ll satisfy our bloodlust and they’ll do it all for a Coca-Cola. This is hockey. Any moment that is not being occupied by grown men trying to kill each other should be filled with middle-aged men driving towards each other at 6 mph and trying to knock each other off ice resurfacing machines with large wooden sticks. Besides, any savage can throw a few haymakers (it’s why we have the phrase “puncher’s chance”), but it takes a skilled fighter to deftly wield a blade and come out triumphant. Constant up and down action, no annoying TV time outs and stoppages every 20 goddamn seconds and the undebatable king of playoff drama–sudden death overtime–makes these games nearly perfect.

Zamboni Jousting Competitions

Intermissions in hockey are substantial stretches of boredom that punctuate an otherwise exciting event. We fix that by arming the Zamboni drivers with lances and having them go at. But nearly perfect isn’t all encompassingly perfect, and it’s why we thought of a few ways to make an already exciting playoff even better–just in time for Round 2, which kicks off tonight. And thin ice is extremely dangerous. That’s why you throw a polar bear on the ice. But still, we want to see some violence.

With the first Scraping Ice Knife round completed, it’s easy to see why many people dub the Stanley Cup Playoffs the most exciting of all the post seasons. And if you disagree, you have apparently never watched Man vs.

Thin Ice

Nothing is more exciting than danger. A few punches thrown, someone goes down, linesmen step in and break it up. It beats the normal in between period “entertainment” of stupid t-shirt launchers and local youth team scrimmages.

Knife FIghts

I know what I said about fights earlier, they don’t happen as often in the playoffs, but when they do, they are just like the regular season fights. Problem is, come playoff time, you don’t see nearly as many fights as you do in the regular season. Wild, and if that’s the case, I suggest you go back to doing needlepoint or jarring jams or whatever boring ass crap you’re probably into. Now it’s even more difficult because players must elude velociraptors, which, if you’ve ever seen the movie Jurassic Park, you know is not a skill a vast majority of people possess. Teams can’t afford to be taking penalties and removing key players from the ice for 5 minute stretches, which Rubber Knife is understandable. Plus, the blood will get the polar bear riled up, and that’s good for everyone. While most sports discourage fisticuffs between players, hockey embraces it as a way for teams to self police one another. A 2 on 1 rush down the ice becomes infinitely more riveting if there’s a distinct chance one of the players may crash through the ice and get hypothermia. If everything else about the Stanley Cup playoffs is high stakes, the fights should be too


By street self defense I am not referring to a school yard fist fight whereby the loser gets a black eye and the winner gets to be the school champion or bully for a few days. However, an unfortunate side effect of this popular martial arts movement is that the average person sees tournaments such as the UFC and thinks that self defense works like the fights that occur in the ring or octagon. Is she going to out box him? When he begins attacking her is she going to be able to grapple with him in a realistic way that will allow her any advantage before he pounds her into submission? If he has a weapon or friends will boxing, MMA or Jiu-jitsu give her any skills that will really help her deal with this attack? The sports mentality is one of Get in there and fight!”. In fact in real street self defense the attacker may be armed with a knife or gun and the friends who are around may be his accomplices who are helping him to beat you to death.
Please see our article Attacks Vs Fist Fights and Posturing. By real street self defense I am referring to situations where there is no ring, no referees, no friends around to help you and to stop the situation before it gets to far out of control and no one to stop the attacker from beating you to death after you have been knocked down half unconscious. Also, in real street situations attacks happen without warning or provocation. The nice benefit for you in a ring fight is that at almost anytime you want you can simply yell, I quit” and leave and the fight is over. Obviously this is quite different from a real street attack. Nothing could be further from the truth. Does this sound like her smartest strategy in this situation? A ring/cage/octagon fighter may train some awareness skills but not the kind that is designed to help you recognize potential attackers in real life because Chipper Knives in the ring it is very obvious who you are fighting, where they are before the fight begins and that they are there to fight you. As a teacher I always imagine one of my students who is female about 5’2 and weighs about 105 pounds and is over 45 years old (but looks 10 years younger than she is) being attacked by a 19 -23 year old, 250 lb male who is muscle bound and freshly out of prison with rape and killing on his mind.”

To Be continued in Why MMA is NOT Street Self Defense! Part 2″

. His legs are nearly as big as her whole body. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having something that a criminal wants is enough to draw a vicious and unrelenting attack from someone who is experienced and who is larger, stronger, younger, faster, better armed and more ready for a conflict at this moment than you.
The rise in popularity of MMA and Jiu-Jitsu has increased public Paper Cutting Knife awareness of martial arts and created a current wave of martial arts enthusiasts


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